Sony Partnership Boosts Popular Altcoin 20% Overnight

Sony Partnership Boosts Popular Altcoin 20% Overnight

Network Theta (THETA) emerged as one of the top earners among top cryptocurrencies during the recovery. Theta price increased by 20 percent in the last 24 hours after a development.

Sony Partnership Boosts Popular Altcoin 20% Overnight

THETA to release Sony NFTs

As the global crypto market is recovering somewhat, Theta Network says its partnership with Sony Electronics, a Japanese multinational company, is poised to achieve results. announced. The tech giant at ThetaDrop Spatial Reality Display It will launch 3D NFTs to be used with (SRD-Spatial Reality Display).

In the announcement, Theta mentioned that the sharing will start on June 17, 2022 at 23:00 Turkish time, adding that the waiting list and pre-financing are now available.

A tablet-like device that displays three-dimensional images in semi-physical augmented reality, Sony’s SRD allows users to view and manipulate 3D objects without using glasses or other accessories.

The SRD screen follows eye movement, synchronously rotating the image as the viewer tilts or moves their head in any direction, creating the feeling of a solid 3D object. NFTs launched by Theta and Sony will thus be able to be viewed and manipulated in mixed reality 3D on SRD without the aid of eye accessories.

According to the post, Tiki Guy Non-Fungible Token (NFT), is a 3D entity that can be projected onto the SRD, also mentioned above, which is SONY’s limited electronic display. The website indicates that the Tiki Guy is an NFT limited to only 500 units. Previously, Theta Drop NFT Marketplace has also hosted drops for popular celebrities and shows like ‘American Idol and more.

THETA price increased by 20 percent to $1.24 yesterday after learning of the date the NFTs will be shared. The cryptocurrency, which managed to retain most of its earnings, is trading at $1.22, with an increase of about 5 percent at the time of writing. The recent price surge has helped to cover up some of the recent price drop the token has experienced. Although the price of the network token has dropped by about 12% in the last 30 days, trading volume in the last 24 hours has increased by 55% to reach $137.2 million after this news.

Replay launches Validator Node

In addition, Theta Network announced that “Replay”, its video surveillance and payment-based blockchain, has launched 25 of the network’s Theta Validator Nodes. The release highlighted that the Theta validator group continues to explore various slices used by different users.

Many media and technology giants such as Samsung, Sony, and Google are on the platform’s list of validators. Crypto exchanges and projects such as Binance, blockchain, and Gumi Cryptos are also part of it.

You can check the price movements here.

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