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First of all, we should question who buys bitcoin and who needs bitcoin. bitcoin he buys it to the market at a high price bitcoin Sellers took it from the bottom, speculators took out their bitcoins when the FED started to increase interest rates. Whales, on the other hand, were waiting for the bottom because they acted with their psychology earlier to create scarcity. The underground world and money launderers turned to transfer coins with high confidentiality such as monero. We created a price and we took it down to $20,000. Here, those who say it will go up, have made small purchases, but there is something more dangerous, it is known that it will not go down, if the Fed makes a statement, I have to demand it because of the fear of it. I am in an indecision here, I want to wait and see, I do not look at what anyone says, it will fall. it seems to me, friends, in my opinion, rises can be considered as a selling opportunity, as I said in my previous analysis, the Fed has corrupted the DNA of the market, good luck to everyone while commenting, please be respectful to other friends, self-respect others It starts with being respectful ✅
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