TAVHL for the BIST:TAVHL symbol by saykoanaliz works well !!! — NewsOfFinance

Hello all friends,
It is a signal sharing that is attached to our radar in the Bolinger Band indicator of the Psychoanalysis team.
In the daily charts, in the 20-day period, the BB upper band has been cut off as of the day;

Bollinger Band + Security Band shows 65.95 as critical threshold.
Parabaoc for our share EVIL Although there is a signal from our indicator, the process can be continued with a stop;

to our transaction Bollinger We can continue by following the band with a stop.
The Lower Security Band of our indicator is 63.00TL.
We wish good luck to our friends who will enter the process.

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/TAVHL/yPSYqFTt/

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