The crypto Twitter community loves this chatbot!

The crypto Twitter community loves this chatbot!

Artificial intelligence research firm OpenAI has recently launched a new chat bot, Artificial Intelligence (AI) ChatGPT. ChatGPT was developed not only as a chatbot but also to have apps for trading, crypto blogging and original song. However, ChatGBT has been very popular with the crypto Twitter community.

According to OpenAI, ChatGPT is a language interface tool that can interact via conversation, with some limitations, to answer questions or do almost anything that is asked to perform.

In a post shared by a Twitter user, he described his interaction with ChatGPT. With a simple command, the user demonstrated how he turned the tool into a basic trading bot using Pine Script, a programming language used for the financial software NewsOfFinance.

Another Twitter user instructed ChatGPT to create a trading terminal. With this instruction, the user can view instant Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) orders via Binance’s Application Programming Interface (API).

Earlier, Cointelegraph also tested the ChatGPT bot, discovering that the bot can create smart contracts. However, other users also stated that ChatGPT can detect the vulnerability in smart contracts and patch them.

The crypto Twitter community has valued the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT not only for technical purposes but also for creative stuff.

Kyle Samani, co-founder of investment firm Multicoin Capital, has asked ChatGPT to write a blog post on how crypto payments will evolve in the future. The artificial intelligence bot wrote an article consisting of more than one paragraph in response to this instruction.

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On the other hand, some Twitter users used ChatGPT to create music. Web3 entrepreneur Jay Azhang shared the bot-written song “a song about losing money” in a Twitter post.

According to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, he stated that ChatGPT is free for now as it is a research version.

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