These Altcoin Investors Are Pressured: Is Exchange Listing Coming?

These Altcoin Investors Are Pressured: Is Exchange Listing Coming?

LUNA, once one of the Terra network’s coins, suffered a major crash four months ago alongside its stablecoin USTD, which has depreciated against the dollar. However, it didn’t take long for the network to bounce back. Within a month, the network introduced a new altcoin known as Terra Classic (LUNC), and a little later, the stablecoin TerraClassicUSTC. As we reported, the victims of the Terra crash are seeking Terra Classic (LUNC) and TerraClassicUSTC (USTC) every possible way to restore the network to its former glory.

These Altcoin Investors Are Pressured: Is Exchange Listing Coming?

Now, the Terra Classic community has come forward with a proposal to list the popular altcoin LUNC on Robinhood, a commission-free investment platform. This is a request from Robinhood via to list LUNC on its trading platform. offer started.

Can LUNC Be Listed on Robinhood?

The petition was submitted in September by a Terra Classic supporter known as QDS Land. The petition requires at least 5,000 signatures, but now 3,843 signatures have been collected.

It is believed that listing LUNC on Robinhood will also be beneficial for trading firms, LUNC owners and the Robinhood platform. This is because there are currently around 1.5 million LUNC owners trading billions of dollars every day.


However, Robinhood has not yet responded to the campaign and has not gathered enough signatures. Even if enough signatures are collected, the final decision on listing rests with the platform.

Previously, the same platform was used by the Shiba Inu community to request to list SHIB on the Robinhood platform. In a short time, the petition gathered 559,737 signatures and the Shiba Inu was finally listed on the platform.

You can follow the current price action here.

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