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Today, we are hosting a very special ema on the daily table that no one knows about.

As those who follow me know, according to the technique I use, I accept the following propositions as true because I cannot falsify them.

1- Every ea must be broken up and down. We just don’t know when.

2- The trend on the price is a fallacy. The main thing is the trend of the price against the ema. Hg this in the bottom panel ea We measure with the indicator. price to us, selected ea gives the percentile distance from the length and graphs it. If you look carefully, the uptrend continues with a divergence pattern (rising top view), that is, moving away from the ema at an increasing rate and when the price lags away from the ema (falling top view) ea It attracts the price like a magnet.

3- ema speed prioritizes your seeing the most likely possibilities. If ea if it is too fast, the price will have difficulty moving away from the ema at an increasing rate, and ea attracts the price. ema its speed can be found on the bottom panel. ea We measure it with the change speed special indicator.

So a low-lying and relatively slow-moving ea If you find it, you can generate very successful buy signals.

One of the tables I’m following right now is in the diary I shared with you. ea 2584 species. In the monthly that I mentioned and mentioned before, nobody cares ea it’s like 55 ea it has to be broken.

If we know it’s going to break and that’s ea If it is moving slowly, this will give important data about the possible levels of the price.


ema 2584 is currently passing the level of 18896.31.

price before EMA Below 2584, a candle that does not touch the enamel has not closed. This ema What makes 2584 special is the case. However, this also prevents you from making inferences based on negative divergences made in the past. In summary, ea How many percent can we get away from 2584? We cannot answer the question with historical data using this ema.

At the moment ea 2584 goes up $0.71 every day. So even if the price will spend a little more time at these levels, ea Since our speed is slow, there will be no need to update the target price. But if the price goes up ea can accelerate. You shouldn’t skip this. ( ema If it accelerates, it will be difficult for the price to move away from the ema.)

When the price hits th on November 9, 2021 ea our speed 40 ,61. Price 40 $.61 ea succumbing to his speed, he broke the trend of moving away from emadan.

Another important thing you need to know is that high prices accelerate the emas. ema is the average price, in the roughest terms. A big ea If you use the length, such emas accelerate late since they were included in the calculation at relatively low prices in the past. btc as the price rises ea speeds will increase and this btc It will be the biggest obstacle to the next rise of .

Looking at the chart now ea velocity and price’s distance from the enamel are just above the zero line. The only comment that can be made here is that it’s time for the loop. If you are going to choose the most likely scenario, you should bet that the price will go below the Eman. But this is only the most likely scenario and the emas also act as support and resistance.

If we go under safety, negative divergences such as 20 percent are quite common. This can give us an idea of ​​potential places to buy.

My technique is never wrong. Because it only gives a breakdown of the math that’s going on there. My reading right now is that it’s time for the red curve.


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