This Altcoin Jumps After Giant Exchange Listing!

This Altcoin Jumps After Giant Exchange Listing!

MINA tokenemerged as the biggest winner of the day among top cryptocurrencies. The price of the token has increased by nearly 20 percent in the last 24 hours as a result of the announcement that it is listed on a well-known crypto trading platform.

This Altcoin Jumps After Giant Exchange Listing!

Giant exchange adds support to MINA

In a recent tweet, Huobi Global offered for trading on its platform. Mina Protocol‘s native cryptocurrency MINA tokenthat you list announced. However, MINA deposits opened on June 23 at 14:30 (UTC). The platform also mentioned that it will list Lido Stake ETH (stETH).

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The platform also stated in the announcement that Spot trading for the MINA/USDT trading pair will start when the deposit volume meets the market trading demand and the situation will be announced in advance. Besides, withdrawals for the token will begin at 15:00 on 25 June 2022.

Besides the popular cryptocurrency exchange, Mina Protocol, Euler Finance (EUL) and CreditCoin (CTC) announced that it will list

Earlier, Coinbase Assets announced that the MINA token is live only for users in New York to trade. It seems that the recently gained awareness may cause the price of MINA to rise in the future.

MINA 24-hour trading volume increased by 120%

MINA token prices have increased 28 percent over the past 7 days, and the recent surge has helped the token cover some of the losses it has suffered. At the time of writing, it is trading at an average price of $0.71, up over 11 percent. While the token is still trading with an 80 percent decrease compared to its price at the beginning of the year, the 24-hour trading volume of the token increased by 120 percent to reach $53 million.

Claiming to be the world’s lightest blockchain, Mina mentions that the protocol uses advanced encryption to design the blockchain, rather than highlighting its extreme computing power. The protocol highlights that it is about 22 kb in size.

The team announced that Genesis, a founding member of Crypto Carbonara in the latest release, has created a tool called Mina Blacklist. The new tool creates a crowdsourced list of abused Mina addresses.

You can check the price movements here.

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