Time to Gather Bottoms for the symbol BINANCE:BTCUSDT by iegencan 20% + 50% — NewsOfFinance

bitcoin 17 – 19500 range is strong support range , if it fails to hold here , the main support is 9-10 thousand range .

Possible Scenarios;
1 – It will rise from the current range to the 24-26 range, release it again from here, test the 17-19500 range in September and break the downtrend like October and rise to the 60 – 64 thousand range.
2 – From here, it will test the 17-19500 range, break the 24-26 resistance and rise to the new 64-69 range, perhaps higher, if it is, a new ATH may come. This can happen in August-September.
3 – Worst case scenario; It may rise again from the range of 17-19500 to the range of 24-26, regress to the main support of 9-10 thousand from there, and go back and forth in the range of 9 – 17 thousand for a while, maybe 1 year.

At this point, I bought 20% from 20500USD, if it comes to the range of 17-19500, I add 50%. If it does not fall, I will buy profit in the 24-26 range and close the position. In case it breaks the 24-26 Resistance, I will re-enter with 50%. Here, 20% to altcoins (MINA, CSPR, XRP, MANA, SAND, WAVES, CHZ ) I will enter.
If it cannot break the 24-26 resistance, I will enter again with 17-19500 50%, if it comes to the range of 9-10 thousand, I will add with the remaining 50%.

Note to self, this is not investment advice.

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSDT/CIVGU65y/

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