Top NFT news of the week

Top NFT news of the week

Non-fungible token (NFT), which means “unchangeable token” in Turkish, means a unique token encrypted on the blockchain network. NFT, which works differently from the usual coin and token concept; It is a unique, unalterable, original and proprietary asset. Non-fungible tokens have features that make each “unique”. The person who owns an NFT knows that there is no other example of the token in his hand.

Unique tokens (NFTs) are often preferred for collectibles, digital ownership and property rights. It comes in the form of crypto artworks, digital collectibles, and unique digital items featured in online games.

You can access and sell many different NFTs from the platforms called “NFT marketplace” where NFTs are bought and sold. Due to the commercial value of NFTs with serious material values, it has become increasingly popular as an area that attracts many investors.

We also bring you the current and popular news in the field of NFT last week:

Revenue from crypto and NFTs to exceed $70 billion in 2025

A new report by analyzed trends in the cryptocurrency space. The report estimated that profits from crypto and NFTs will exceed $70 billion by 2025.

According to the forecasts in the report, NFT revenues alone will reach $6.9 billion by 2025. This revenue will correspond to almost one-tenth of the revenue from all cryptocurrency trading.

Increasing number of trademarks filed for NFT, metaverse and crypto

The number of companies filing trademarks for NFTs, metaverse-related virtual goods/services and cryptocurrencies increased rapidly in 2022.

According to data compiled by licensed trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, the number of trademark applications filed for products and services related to digital currencies reached 4,708 as of the end of October 2022, surpassing the total of 3,547 applications filed in 2021.

Lionel Messi invests in NFT game Sorare

The Argentine football star announced that he has invested in the NFT game Sorare. The famous football player also became the global brand ambassador of the game company. It was stated that Messi, who currently plays as a forward for Paris Saint-Germain, will help Sorare set new standards for the way fans interact with clubs and players. Sorare said they will work with Messi to create new content and fan experiences.

CryptoPunks takes over the top: Became the most valuable NFT collection

CryptoPunks, the popular Ethereum blockchain-based NFT collection, has taken over from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) in the list of the world’s most valuable NFT collections. Thus, CryptoPunks became the most valuable NFT collection in the world.

FTX victim Deepak.eth puts NFT collections up for sale

The founder of the blockchain infrastructure company, Deepak.eth, shared a post on Twitter that he is putting his NFT collection up for sale.

Deepak.eth said in a Twitter post that the collection will either be sold at the highest bid or placed in a partial DAO where 80 percent of its holdings will be sold. The Chain founder also stated that the collection will be available for sale at 8,000 Ethereum (ETH).

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