Uniswap’s updated privacy policy angers the community

Uniswap's updated privacy policy angers the community

The recently updated privacy policy of decentralized exchange Uniswap angered some members of the community. Community members feel that collecting and storing user data goes against the core values ​​of crypto.

Some names that have a voice in the community, Uniswap’s privacy policy, updated in November opposed. Community members find it unusual for a decentralized entity to collect and store user information.

Uniswap Labs explained how it collects and stores user data by sharing its privacy policy with a post it published on November 11, the date when FTX also announced its bankruptcy. “Innovations around Blockchain and Web3 aim to regain user privacy that internet companies have been slowly destroying for years,” said Uniswap.

“That’s why we created a new privacy policy. We want to be clear about what data we protect and what data we collect and use. Transparency is key. We never want our users to be surprised.”

The privacy policy in question revealed that the exchange collects public blockchain data, information such as browser information and operating system of user devices, and information such as users’ interaction with service providers.

Uniswap stated that this data does not contain information that can reveal identity such as name, surname, residence address, date of birth, e-mail address or IP address.

Despite this, some community members have suggested that this move goes against crypto’s core values ​​of privacy and anonymity.

In a Nov. 21 post, the team of privacy-focused cryptocurrency Firo said that Uniswap’s updated privacy policy makes a bad premise for DEXs:

DEX is an affiliate of SpookySwap OwenPnoted that it is unusual for a decentralized exchange to collect user data on the backend.

“An infrastructure provider contacted us and asked what information we hold on the backend. We were very surprised by the question and replied that you are not hiding any information.”

Twitter user CryptoDavid on the other hand, said that he was not surprised by Uniswap’s decision, and other DEXs started to do the same.

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