US100 for the symbol CURRENCYCOM:US100 by F4MDIA – NQ

The uptrend on Nasdaq, which continued for 8 weeks with regular downward corrections, gained a bearish outlook again with a voluminous breakout. However, we will see if this decline points to a correction or a continuing bear market when we reach 11900 points support. If this figure, which can be considered the bottom of the retracement levels, is broken down, the selling pressure may continue to increase, otherwise, we will watch 13700, which could not be surpassed before, attempt to be crossed again with strong purchases that may come from around 11900 points. While the index continues to experience the effects of monetary tightening and inflationary environment, September 13 Inflation Data and September 21 FED Interest Rate decision will be determinative in the direction of the index. Until these dates, we can watch the 12950 and 13472 tests above and the 12250-11900 test below. While following the data and news flow in this way by fundamental analysis, the levels are as follows in terms of technical analysis. 12436 months pivot If we continue to stay above the level, an increase that can go up to 13500, pivot If we sag below the level, we may witness a downward movement that can reach the level of 11900. The sales region between 12900 – 13000 can be considered as a good Sell region, which is a candidate to show power.
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