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VIX INDEX INFORMATION-I recommend you to follow-

with exchanges vix There is an important relationship between index:
vix When the index falls, it usually rises because the uncertainties in the markets decrease. vix When the fear index rises, the level of uncertainty in the market increases, confidence in the market decreases and selling pressure occurs.

vix Index is Fear Index, called (V)olatility (i)nde(x)

It is an index that shows the fear or anxiety in the markets or the confidence in the markets.

vix The purpose of the fear index is to measure the risk perception in the market.

Alright vix How to Interpret the Index?

Values ​​between 20-30 in the fear index were accepted as normal values.
vix The most important point of the fear index is 30.
vix If the index is above 30, the volatility is high, so there are many uncertainties.
If the index is below 20, the risk is quite low, the fluctuations are small.
vix If the value goes above the 60s in the index, the market will be in great chaos.

To summarize:
Below 15 on Vix: Markets are where Enthusiasm is highest. Everything Is Positive
15-20 on Vix: Risk to investors taking request occurs.
Between 20-25 in Vix: All financial markets are referred to as slightly volatile.
Between 25-30 in Vix: The deterioration in financial markets is now beginning to be seen.
30 and above in Vix: It is the point where uncertainties and losses begin to occur most. Financial markets begin to collapse now.

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