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Hello guys, RODRG in my analysis on November 27 We see that the trend, which was formed in the two peaks of the RODRG stock in September 19 and 20, works in support and resistance positions on the weekly chart many times. Falling from the last hill on October 22, gives us the impression that it has found strength in the trend line coming from these old hills from a technical point of view. Again, daily RSI and weekly RSI offer a technical picture that can support us. However, after the peak of 2020, our moving average exceeds 19.7 as of November 28. In other words, the stock, which will be traded at 26 on November 28, is 20% above the technical average low and 7% above the trend support. In short, we are a little far from the cut-off points.

Relying on RSI and trend support RODRG I’m starting my follow-up gradually with 25.88 in stock with the end of the week on November 25, waiting for the bottom level at 24 in the stock. In a possible decline, I start with a 2nd level cost at the moving blue average level, with a profit margin of 107%, up to 42 TL in the short term and 53 TL in the long term.

.>>> I said. Technically, the expectation has come true. Personally, even though I am a stop in profit, I stated in my analysis on January 5 that the stock is in a hold position in the long run and that it can be the first target in the long run when selling.

As of January 24, our 53 expectation was realized with the level of 52.2, I wish good luck to those who can evaluate it.

technical analysis is an expectation, it is never guaranteed to happen. It is definitely not investment advice, it is a sharing made to share information.

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/RODRG/iZZUkBND/

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