Web3 Phone Move From Ethereum Rival -Price Rises!

Web3 Phone Move From Ethereum Rival -Price Rises!
  • Ethereum competitor witherrallied after announcing the launch of Saga, the Web3 mobile phone.
  • The modified handset will come with a dedicated crypto wallet functionality and a software development kit for Web3 programs.

Analysts evaluating the Solana price predict that the uptrend will continue and the $45 price target can be reached. The network announced the release of Saga, a mobile phone built on the Android operating system.

Web3 Phone Move From Ethereum Rival -Price Rises!

The phone is Solana’s Web3 It was interpreted as an important development representing the transition to mobile-oriented growth in the ecosystem. This announcement made by the Ethereum killer was received very positively by investors.

It is stated that it will also feature an OSOM with phone-specific crypto wallet functions, and a Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) development kit for decentralized applications (dApps), Web3 programs will also be added. Solana Labs announced the launch of the phone at a conference last week, and this news was received very positively.

Anatoly Yakovenko, CEO of Solana Labs, said the handset will cost around $1,000 and will be ready for delivery in early 2023. The network has moved to mobile-focused growth and “Solana Pay” will be integrated to enable on-chain payments.

Solana Price May Continue Rising

Analysts evaluated the Solana price and Ethereum killerHe shared that the uptrend will continue. Brian Bollinger, a crypto analyst, argues that the MACD indicator slope is rising, indicating the underlying bullish growth. There is a surge in interest in long positions on Solana and the altcoin may continue its uptrend. The next resistance for SOL price is at $48.


FXStreet analysts also believe that the Solana price presents an excellent opportunity for traders.

You can follow the current price action here.

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