Whales Flock To Popular Altcoin In Light Of This Development!

Whales Flock To Popular Altcoin In Light Of This Development!
  • As a result of the positive trend towards the Vasil upgrade, whales turned their attention to this altcoin.

Cardano (ADA)Currently attracting whales, i.e. large crypto investors, as a result of the positive sentiment on the Vasil upgrade and among the top 10 assets by trading volume among the top 500 BSC whales as a result of this interest. takes its place.

ADA pricestands at $0.468, down 5.16 percent from the past 24 hours following the last market sale, meaning the giant whales seem to be enjoying the discounted prices.

Whales Flock To Popular Altcoin In Light Of This Development!

“Cardano has never been more powerful,” says Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson, ahead of the Vasil mainnet launch scheduled for September 23. The team’s belief in the launch partly explains the ADA’s current interest in whales.

“Markets are disconnected from reality.”

Talking about the overall crypto market outside of his platform, Hoskinson says that despite the strength of Cardano and other projects, the current poor performance in the crypto market is due to macro factors:

“A universal truth about crypto is that markets are disconnected from reality. Cardano has never been stronger, and frankly, many other projects across the industry are solid as well, but you don’t see that reflected in the price, it’s just a sea of ​​red. Macro factors always win.

The focus should always be on the true purpose of the technology. Problems he solved… People he helped… New experiences that were previously impossible were made possible. And Cardano is changing the world because of you, and our best days are ahead.”


Recently, a Twitter user asked what use case Cardano provides. The founder of Cardano answered the question from the community as follows:

“Hundreds of things, but I am most proud of our work in microfinance.”

Alongside these, Hoskinson shared an article about Cardano’s IOG’s participation in an equity debt round ahead of an $11 million Series A funding round undertaken by Kenya’s established financial fintech Pezesha.

Indigo announces Vasil integration

Indigo, a Cardano dApp and creator of assets and stablecoins on the Cardano network, announced the successful completion of Vasil integration. He noted that Cardano transaction fee costs incurred by Indigo users have been significantly reduced by reducing the amount of script overhead to read data from the blockchain.

Additionally, by reducing the transaction size (so that more transactions can fit in a block), the throughput of Indigo transactions has been increased and correspondingly, the computational resources of most Indigo transactions have been reduced.

In a recent tweet, Charles Hoskinson referred to the “power of Vasil” that is expected to increase throughput on the Cardano blockchain, thereby helping to deploy and develop various dApps.

You can follow the current price action here.

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