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SOL emerges as a coin with a durable and beautiful infrastructure. According to BTC’s movements, it either rises or falls hard, but in general, we see that it maintains itself at these levels. Unfortunately, there is no formation in the SOL.

The left is holding above the 21.47 support for the time being and also tested the downtrend from $46. For a downtrend breakout, we need to see a 4-hour close above 22.28.

Bollinger When we look at the side, we can see that it touched the upper band and is now targeting the middle band. The middle band is currently at 20.59. A chance again before retreating here BTC It can go to the upper band with support, which shows us 22.96. 21.47 and 20.97 will be good supports in 20.59 pullbacks. Besides all this, the average bollinger band is broken and the top band is not touched. It shows us 23.47 levels in the upper band.

EMA there is no need to say much on the side EMA We can see a drop towards 20 points 21.04. After here at 20.94 EMA There are 200. If these two supports are broken, another support is ours. EMA It is located at the level of 20.44, which is 100.

EMA When we look at the ribbon indicator, there is no situation that affects the rise in the opposite direction. EMA We see that the yellow line of the ribbon is located at 20.97, so there is a lot of support for the SOL while pulling to 20.59.

In RSI, the direction is given upwards, but as it can go stable, it is the movements of BTC that are effective here. BTC If it continues its positive movement, it will give the direction up in RSI and 23.47 target may come.

A strong 4-hour sell signal is about to appear on the MACD. Besides these MACD candles are not very strong and tells us that the positive market is not very strong.

It is not difficult to predict that the withdrawals I have mentioned will come a little late. RSI it seems to connect it to the horizontal and when we looked at it, there was an upward trend coming from 19.11, and I indicated this with turquoise. If it ties a little horizontally EMA 20, Bollinger middle band and EMA The ribbon yellow line will be near this ascending trendline, making the test possible.

If you liked my analysis, please share it with me in the comments. Good luck to everyone.

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/SOLUSDT/eOpYIjqj/

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