Women spend more time in the metaverse

Women spend more time in the metaverse

McKinsey & Co. has released a new report on the time women spend in the metaverse. Reportfound that women had a much higher time spent in the metaverse. In contrast, it was reported that the number of women working in managerial positions in institutions that built the metaverse was much less. McKinsey&Co.’s report pointed out that although women constitute the main user base, they have much less say in metaverse development efforts.

The report in question was created based on the results of a survey conducted with 2,000 people. The survey showed that women play more virtual reality (VR) games and are more likely to exercise, shop and take classes in a virtual reality environment. On the other hand, it was determined that men buy NFT at a higher rate and use gaming platforms more frequently.

Female executives are more likely to recommend their companies to enter the metaverse

On the other hand; women made up only 8 percent to 10 percent of executive positions at leading metaverse organizations such as the “Metaverse Standards Forum” and “Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3”. With this; female executives were more likely to recommend their companies enter the metaverse.

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