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#xu100 weekly chart index summit

Last week, we talked about 3716 levels, where the weekly upward resistance of the index will be strong, and we evaluated our expectation as a sale by spreading to the bottom. As a reminder, you can see its graph on the second page.

This week, the 3220 levels that we follow for the index are in the foreground.

Considering that the sales in #xbank have decreased, we can see a profit outflow in our support prices this week, it will be possible to close the week with a horizontal neutral undecided candle.

The shares that are priced in Bist 100 shares and need to be listened to have increased, and it will be better for us to have a profit outflow and stabilize it at a certain price.

For this reason, transactions on a weekly basis can be somewhat volatile.

Let’s keep the position short in short-term transactions.

In medium and long-term transactions, it can be started to open positions in suitable stocks close to the bottom over time.

We will continue to add these together as we get the opportunity.
big wins

Monday Evaluation

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/XU100/0DSFIMuL/

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